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Self-isolation will change people. More buyers will likely be comfortable shopping online, and more will want a home office. Visualize the changes and market to them now.

4/7/2020 5:04:55 AM

FHA mortgage holders – including those with a reverse mortgage – have temporary eviction protection in place and tools to help at-risk families keep their home.

4/7/2020 5:04:37 AM

Confusing info on mortgage options is forcing some homeowners to pick a three-month delay and hope their lender offers the better Fed-backed deal before 90 days are up.

4/7/2020 5:04:33 AM

The NAR affiliate’s APEX Awards recognize land-sale pros, and Fla. brokers took top honors in three of seven categories, including commercial and residential land.

4/7/2020 5:04:21 AM

The nation suddenly found itself conducting most business online, and Realtors new to virtual meetings aren’t sure where to start. There’s an array of products out there, but which one to choose? What equipment do I need? How do I share documents? Can I close online?

4/7/2020 5:04:34 AM

By emergency rule, FREC approved video conferencing of in-person courses so members may fulfill biennial license requirements, including ones for post- and pre-licensure.

4/7/2020 5:04:41 AM

The pandemic has boosted Zoom’s video-conferencing software but it came with a dark side: The company and its program are now a target for scammers and hackers.

4/6/2020 5:04:36 AM

Final loan approval relies on documents and approvals from different offices, and the spread of COVID-19 has created problems – but some recent changes should help.

4/6/2020 5:04:59 AM

After hitting a record high in Feb., Floridians, like the rest of the nation, took a step back in March. Feb.’s high of 102.3 fell 13.5 points in March to 88.8.

4/6/2020 5:04:59 AM

How does it work? Where to apply? Why was I blocked? Some lenders aren’t prepared to help quite yet, and the law itself has a bit of contradictory info, according to Fla. Sen. Rubio. He lists five program challenges at the moment, including a need for more funding.

4/6/2020 5:04:09 AM