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The best time to begin searching for a rental property is approximately four to six weeks prior to your move date.  Four to six weeks allows a enough time to find the right property before giving a thirty day notice to your current landlord.  It also allows enough approval time for some rental properties that require a Home Owners Association (HOA) or Condominium Association approval.

Landlords do not want to keep their property vacant too long. Securing a property more than eight weeks prior to your move in date is extremely difficult.  A landlord receiving two equal offers on a rental property will usually take the renter moving in the earliest.  Landlords may even refuse a renter in hopes of finding a tenant that will occupy sooner.

Rental properties can easily be located and secured within four weeks of a renters move in date.  The majority of renters select their properties in this timeframe. This is also more desirable for a landlord.  Two to four weeks still allows enough approval time for rental properties with HOA or Condominium Association approvals.  Most HOA or Condominium Association approvals only take up to one week, with the extreme being up to thirty days.

Rental properties can also be located and moved into the same day. Do not be alarmed if you are moving to a new area or are relocating due to an unforeseen circumstance.  I have made miracles happen in the past.

About Home Owners Associations and Condominium Associations

Many Home Owner and Condominium Associations have their own approval process in addition to a landlord's approval.  They will usually have their own application and application fee. 

Approval process times can range from one day to as much as thirty days.  The average Association approval time is approximately one week. 

Associations may also require a renter to deliver a refundable common area security deposit to be held by the Association.  The renter may negotiate with the landlord as to who will pay the common area security deposit.  Most landlords may deliver the common area security deposit so as to not burden the renter will two security deposits.

Associations may have restrictions on pets (weight limit and how many pets per household) or the type of pet.  Some may even allow the owners to have pets but not renters.

Associations may also have restrictions on certain vehicles such as pick-up trucks or any type of trucks, work vehicles, motorcycles, boat trailers, etc.

Move in Funds

Move in money requirements vary with every property. They are sometimes negotiable with private owners.  They may or may not be negotiable with apartment complex communities.  Apartment communities tend to be more firm in their requirements.

Private owner move in money requirements vary with every owner.  The move in money, as well as the rent, may be negotiable.  Most if not all private owners require first months rent, last months rent and a security deposit equal to one months rent.  The last months rent is the portion that is usually negotiated.  Keep in mind when trying to negotiate with an owner; it will all be based on the renters rental history and credit worthiness.

Some owners will allow the last months rent (if required) to be paid off over time after the renter moves into the property.  Some will allow the renter to move in with just the first months rent and a security deposit.  It all depends on the renters rental history and credit worthiness.

Most owners require the move in funds to be cleared funds (ie: money order, certified check, cash, etc.).

Credit / Rental History

Credit and rental history can affect a renter's ability to find a rental property.  It can also become costly with properties charging non-refundable application fees.  Rental history is the most important.

When repairing credit renters should first resolve judgments or collections from previous landlords.  Some private owners will accept more move in money to compensate for bad credit. 

Millions of people have credit issues.  Many credit issues are explainable.  Medical bills are a prime example.  I recommend a cover letter be prepared to attach to your offer.  This way you explain your credit issues directly to the owner of the property.

About on-line rental searches

My website provides a free MLS property search service to both renters and buyers. 

Rental properties tend to turn over extremely fast compared to properties for sale.  The on-line MLS search capabilities are limited on the information given and up to date status especially if you are looking for a short term lease. 

I recommended that you contact me today to get access to the most current rental properties.